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The Brewery

Bent Water Brewing is located on the site of the old Lynn Lumber Yard, just 12 miles north of Boston. All of our production process takes place here, from brewing to canning and even tasting at the taproom. Local or visiting the area? We’d love to share about our brewery and team over a beer in the taproom when it reopens. Can’t stop in yet? Watch this video for a complete tour.

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Peach Plum Kettle Sour

Kettle Sour

The second in our canned series, this Kettle Sour leans into stone fruit compared to the tropical Mango Guava Kettle Sour.

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Kveik New England Double IPA

A tropical Double IPA brewed with Kveik yeast, a Norwegian yeast most often used in traditional farmhouse ales.

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our story

“Water” in the name “Bent Water” probably jumps out because that is the main ingredient in beer. But water plays an even larger role in the brewery’s name. 

The brewery is located one block from the Atlantic Ocean in the city of Lynn, MA where the water source is rated as one of the region’s highest quality levels because of the rivers feeding the local reservoirs. 

Why “Bent”? This goes back to the scientific process of manipulating water, and adding ingredients, to make beer. We essentially “bend” water into beer.

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To receive updates about beer releases and brewery events, text "beer" to 1-844-397-0874