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Our History

Bent Water Brewing was born from the mind of a scientist, artist, and beer enthusiast. From there, the Bent Water team formed, drawing in unique expertise to strike a balance between the artistic and scientific complexities of brewing and operating a brewery. The result?

Ingenuity & Predictability – – Creativity & Quality – – Variety & Familiarity

Bent Water Brewing is proud to call Lynn, MA home because of the city’s rich industrial roots and superior water source. We believe passion can turn industry into art; and with careful, creative manipulation, we bend water into unique, flavorful beer.

Bent Water’s first batch, brewed on a 15 BBL system, was released in December 2015 and distributed in the North Shore region of Massachusetts. Today, we operate on a 30 BBL system and distribute to Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Rhode Island. 


It’s the main ingredient in beer, it’s in our name, and the site of the brewery was selected because of its high quality in Lynn – WATER! While water is not unique to brewing, Bent Water Brewing’s focus on water is through a unique lens. We want to take the creativity of our team and brew the best quality beer possible and that starts with using the best quality water. Love the Water

The Bent Water Crew

Zachary Nicastro
Zachary’s interest in history sparked his curiosity in brewing. After getting into homebrewing, he took jobs in taprooms and at a craft beer store before joining Bent Water in 2018. Why Bent Water? The growth opportunities were wide open.
Favorite Beers:Fire Barrel & Premium Lager
Hobbies:Hiking, foraging mushrooms & baking bread
Tony Porreca
Tony joined our brewing team in July 2020. It was his culinary background that launched him into homebrewing and then into commercial brewing. What brought Tony to Bent Water? The commitment to quality and the team environment.
Favorite Beers:Premium Lager & Jolene
Hobbies:Snowboarding, Fishing & Cooking
Chris Crawford
Chris was recruited for his sales know-how to help turn a hobby into a growing business. With the brewing and can art in motion, Chris was tasked with growing a sales team to get the product on shelves and into consumers' hands.
Favorite Beers:Sluice Juice & Blast Off
Hobbies:skiing, fishing, and smoking BBQ
Aaron Reames
Co-Founder and President
Bent Water began on Aaron's stovetop with friends as his homebrew taste testers. With a bigger vision in mind from day 1, Aaron recruited those same friends to help go from a homebrew system to a 30bbl brewhouse.
Favorite Beers:Thunder Funk & Sluice Juice
Hobbies:motocross, mountain biking & reading brewing textbooks
Mike Shaughnessy
Mike was one of Aaron's homebrew taste testers and instrumental in making Bent Water a reality. Mike's passion and talent as an Art Director brought the visuals of the brand to life in his lively label designs & molecular hop logo.
Favorite Beers:Thunder Funk & Jolene
Hobbies:ice hockey, cooking & beach walks with dogs
Matt Allen
Quality Control Manager
favorite beers:Premium Lager & Crosscurrent
hobbies:Longboarding, basketball & the beach
Jere Anderson
Process Engineer Manager and Technical Director
Favorite Beers:Blast Off & Equivalent Exchange
Hobbies:Playing guitar, wood working & travel
Kyle Butler
Head of Logistics
favorite beers:Thunder Funk & Sluice Juice
hobbies:Football & Basketball
Ben Caplin
Director of Market Development
favorite beers:Dortmunder, Crosscurrent & Jolene
Hobbies:running & crosscountry skiing
Robb DeMars
Sales Rep - New Hampshire
Favorite Beers:Equivalent Exchange & Don the Armor
Hobbies:anything outside
Wendy Fasciano
Chief Financial Officer
Favorite Beers:Sluice Juice & Bent Seltzer
Hobbies:running & tennis
Chris Gagne
Sales Rep - Boston, South Shore MA & Cape Cod
Favorite Beers:Boris & Equivalent Exchange
Hobbies:Fishing, hiking & seeking the ultimate lobster roll
Anthony Hurrell
Director of Operations
Favorite Beers:Sluice Juice & Relic
Hobbies:Traveling & Board Games
Jon Kamin
In memory of 4.18.90-3.24.21
Favorite Beers:Equivalent Exchange & Relic
Hobbies:hockey, snowboarding & smoking meats
Robin Leopoldo
Director of Communications
Favorite Beers:Boris & Jolene
Hobbies:writing & weightlifting
Matt Maguire
Director of Core Sales (Eastern MA Region)
Favorite Beers:Premium Lager & Blast Off
Hobbies:skiing, boating & crossword puzzles
Krista McConomy
Taproom Manager & Communications Associate
Favorite Beers:Bent Seltzer & Boris
Hobbies:field hockey, cooking/baking & binge watching TV shows
Ryan Nestor
Director of National Sales
Favorite Beers:Jolene & Suborbital
Hobbies:Wood Working, Cooking, skiing & Salt Water Fishing
Jacob Nunes
Operations Utility Lead
favorite beers:BlackBerry Lemon Seltzer
hobbies:golf & watching movies
Brandon O’Shea
Sales Rep - North Shore MA
Favorite Beers:Don the Armor & Barrel Aged Relic
Hobbies:DJing & Collecting Sneakers
Keith Santos
Assistant Director of Operations
Favorite Beers:Sluice Juice & Blast Off
Hobbies:camping, brewing, rock climbing, surfing
Kevin Santos
Packaging Associate
Favorite Beers:Sluice Juice & Jolene
Hobbies:homebrewing, playing video & board games
Kim Schillinger
Accounting and Sales Support
Favorite Beers:Bent Seltzer & Sluice Juice
Hobbies:Tennis, Skiing & Beach walks with her dog
Richard Slate
Inside Sales Rep
favorite beers:Guava Sour & Endless Rays
Hobbies:writing, listening to music & loves dogs
Mark Taylor
Facility Maintenance Technician
Favorite Beers:Fire Barrel & Thunder Funk
Hobbies:yoga & playing guitar
Connor Tehan
Lead Delivery Driver
Favorite Beers:Pearl & Relic
Hobbies:Hiking & Canoeing
David Vieira
Packaging Associate
Favorite Beers:Endless Rays & G.O.A.T.
Hobbies:playing video games
Frank Vieira
Delivery Driver
Favorite Beers:Premium Lager & Endless Rays
Jeff Young
Sales Rep - Boston MetroWest
Favorite Beers:Equivalent Exchange & Premium Lager
Hobbies:rocking out with dog Pete & amateur baking

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