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Creativity and ingenuity are integral parts of every aspect of our brewery. Our approach is to take an idea, or face down a challenge, and strategically think through the process of reaching the end goal. Then we go. We don’t always reach our goal in one shot, but that’s part of perfecting our craft and making sure we hit all points of quality, creativity, and consistency in order to make what started on paper a reality. 


Consistency & quality

The science and attention to detail behind bending water into beer plays out in the Bent Water logo. The molecular hop is made of benzene rings to represent organic chemistry. The lightening bolts represent engineering and innovation; and the circle around the logo shows the interconnection of the technical attributes, skills, and creativity required to make great, quality, beer.

Water treatment system

A strong foundation means the flavors and characteristics of our beers will be front and center. But a strong finish for our beers isn’t where the water stops flowing. Bent Water takes all of the byproducts and waste water from the brewing process and returns it to its original source, just as pure as it started.

Science and Beer

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The entire production process takes place at our facility in Lynn. From recipe creation to distribution. In 2019, we completed an expansion that quadrupled our production capacity and significantly increased efficiencies in the canning process. Bent Water has been self-canning since day one and we continue to self-distribute in the Greater Boston region.