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BEER RELEASE: Loretta: Kentucky Common

The Kentucky Common is one of only a few true American Styles. It originated in the Louisville, KT area and while strictly regional, it was immensely popular among working class people until Prohibition literally wiped out its entire production. If it weren't for the late 20th and early 21st century craft beer and homebrew revolution, this style would likely have been lost for all time. While nobody alive today has actually tasted a true Kentucky Common, there are records and recipes that still exist. Our brewers carefully pored over these documents to reconstruct what they think is a fair representation of what this style might have tasted like. With barley, corn and rye, Perle and Mt. Hood hops and fermented using a lager yeast at room temperature they have created a dry, clean and simple beer with mild notes of caramel, spice and fruit. Cheers to historical beers!

Abv: 4.9%
IBU: 24
Kentucky Common
Malts: Golden Promise, Flaked Corn, Malted Corn, Flaked Rye, Pale Rye, Black Malt, Crystal 120

Hops: Perle, Mt. Hood

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